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Apple, Blackberry and Cinnamon Chutney Recipe

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tasty homemade bagels with jam

You’re about to embark on a culinary journey, crafting your very own apple, blackberry, and cinnamon chutney! This recipe is simple, yet the results are incredibly flavorful. You’ll be combining fresh, tangy fruits with warm, aromatic spices to create a versatile condiment that’s perfect for any occasion. It’s not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. So, roll up your sleeves and let’s get cooking!

Gathering Your Ingredients

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Before starting, you’ll need to ensure you’ve gathered all your ingredients, including fresh apples, ripe blackberries, and ground cinnamon. You’ll also need white sugar, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of salt. Don’t skimp on the quality of your apples and blackberries; the fresher they are, the better your chutney will taste. As for the cinnamon, it’s what gives your chutney that warm, spicy kick. If you want to jazz it up a bit, consider adding a dash of nutmeg or cloves. Remember, this is your chutney, so feel free to tweak the ingredients to suit your taste. Just make sure you’ve got everything ready before you start. Cooking is always smoother when you’re not scrambling for ingredients at the last minute.

Preparing the Fruits

You’ll need to wash all your fruits thoroughly and then peel, core, and chop the apples, but be careful not to crush the blackberries. They’re delicate and you want them to keep their shape in the chutney. Remember, the size of your apple pieces will affect the texture, so if you prefer a chunkier chutney, don’t chop them too small. Set your prepared fruits aside and get your other ingredients ready. You’ll be combining the sweet apples and tart blackberries with tangy vinegar, warming cinnamon, and a hit of chilli for an unforgettable chutney. But keep in mind, making chutney isn’t a rush job, it’s slow cooking at its finest. You’re creating a medley of flavors that need time to meld together. So, take your time and savor the process.

tasty homemade bagels with jam

Cooking the Chutney Mixture

Now it’s time to turn the heat up and start cooking your chutney mixture, making sure to stir it occasionally to prevent any sticking or burning at the bottom of the pot. You’re aiming for a thick, fragrant mixture that’s rich in flavor. Keep a close eye on it, as the sugar can easily caramelize if left unattended. Remember, slow and steady wins the race here. You’re not rushing to finish; you’re coaxing out the flavors and melding them together. Once it’s thickened to your liking, sample a little. You’re looking for a balance of sweet, tart, and spicy. If it’s not quite there, add a bit more vinegar, sugar, or spices until you’re satisfied. Remember, this is your chutney, so make it to your taste.

Storing and Serving Suggestions

When you’re ready to store the chutney, it’s best to pour it into sterilized jars while it’s still hot, making sure to leave some room at the top. You’ll want to put the lid on right away to create a vacuum seal as it cools. This process helps preserve the chutney and keep it fresh for longer.

Once the jars have cooled, don’t forget to label them with the date. You can store them in a cool, dark place for up to a year. Once you’ve opened a jar, keep it in the fridge and try to use it within 4 weeks. It’s great served with cheese, cold meats, or as a accompaniment to a curry. You’ve now got a delicious homemade chutney that’s ready when you are! Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Apple, Blackberry, and Cinnamon

homemade bagels with strawberry jam

Surprisingly, you’re not just making a tasty chutney, you’re also packing in powerful health benefits with ingredients like apple, blackberry, and cinnamon. Apples are a great source of dietary fiber, aiding in digestion. They’re also rich in vitamin C, boosting your immunity. Blackberries, on the other hand, are loaded with antioxidants to help fight free radicals, and they’re packed with vitamins A, C, and K. They’re also high in manganese, which contributes to bone health and metabolism. Lastly, cinnamon is more than just a spice. It’s known for its anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar control, and brain function benefits. So, next time you’re whipping up this chutney, remember you’re not only satisfying your taste buds, you’re also nourishing your body.

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Apple, Blackberry and Cinnamon Chutney Recipe

You're about to embark on a culinary journey, crafting your very own apple, blackberry, and cinnamon chutney! This recipe is simple, yet the results are incredibly flavorful. You'll be combining fresh, tangy fruits with warm, aromatic spices to create a versatile condiment that's perfect for any occasion. It's not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. So, roll up your sleeves and let's get cooking!
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 25 minutes


  • Deselect All
  • 2 1/2 pounds Granny Smith apples peeled, cored and cut into large chunks
  • 3 medium onions finely sliced
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • 2/3 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 2 grinds fresh black pepper
  • 1 pint blackberries


  • The chutney needs to go into sterilized pint jars. The easiest way to do this is to put them and the lids in the dishwasher on the hottest cycle to wash and dry. Take them out when you are about ready to use them and don’t touch the insides of the jars with your hands. Alternatively, put the jars and lids into a very large pan of boiling water and boil for a couple of minutes before taking them out to dry on paper towels. You will also need to boil the equipment you use to take the jars out of the pan. At this stage, the jars can be placed into a low-temperature oven to dry. Make sure they are not cracked.
  • Put the apples, onions, sugar, vinegar, cinnamon and black pepper into a large pot over medium heat. Stir gently to combine. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer for 45 to 55 minutes, stirring occasionally. The apples and onions should be lovely and soft and the liquid should be thick and syrupy.
  • Add the blackberries and cook for another 10 to 12 minutes.
  • While the chutney is hot, use a sterilized ladle to fill the sterilized jars. Put the sterilized lids on and set aside to cool. Store in a cool, dark place. The chutney will keep for up to 4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Substitute Any Other Fruits for Apple and Blackberry in This Recipe?

Absolutely, you can substitute other fruits in this recipe. Try using fruits that have a similar texture and sweetness. Experimenting with different combinations might even lead to your own unique, delicious concoction!

Are There Any Potential Allergens in This Chutney Recipe?

Yes, there could be potential allergens in this recipe. It’s important to check all ingredients for allergens, especially if you’re substituting fruits. Always be aware of individual dietary needs or allergies when cooking.

How Can I Incorporate This Chutney Into Other Meals or Dishes?

You can easily incorporate this chutney into your meals. It’s great as a dip for chips, a spread for sandwiches, or a glaze for meat dishes. It’ll add a sweet and tangy kick to your food.

Can This Chutney Recipe Be Modified for a Vegan or Gluten-Free Diet?

Absolutely, you can modify this chutney for a vegan or gluten-free diet. Substitute any non-vegan ingredients with vegan alternatives and ensure all your ingredients are gluten-free. It’s easy to adapt to your dietary needs.

What Is the Historical Origin of This Chutney Recipe?

homemade bagels with strawberry jam 1

You’re curious about the history of this chutney recipe. It’s hard to pinpoint a specific origin, but chutneys date back to 500 BC in India. They’ve since evolved globally, adapting to local tastes and ingredients.


So, you’ve mastered the art of making your very own apple, blackberry, and cinnamon chutney! It’s not just delicious, but it’s healthy too. Enjoy it on toast, with cheese, or as a marinade. Don’t forget, it makes a great homemade gift. Plus, the wonderful aroma of simmering fruits and spices will make your kitchen smell amazing. Relish the taste and benefits of your homemade chutney. Until next time, happy cooking!

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