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Fresh Apple Cinnamon Juice ( Vegan, Gluten Free)

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Ready to delight your taste buds with a refreshing, healthy drink? Let’s dive into the world of homemade juices with a twist.

We’re talking about fresh apple cinnamon juice. Not only is this juice purely vegan and gluten-free, but it also packs a punch with its nutritional benefits.

Bright, crisp apples and a hint of warm cinnamon make this juice a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. But wait, there’s more.

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Preparing this juice is a breeze. You don’t need to be a kitchen whiz or a juice barista to whip up this delicious drink. In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process, from choosing the right apples to adding the perfect amount of cinnamon, to storing your juice for maximum freshness.

So, let’s get juicing!

Gathering Your Ingredients

You’ll be amazed at how few ingredients you need to whip up this mouthwatering vegan, gluten-free fresh apple cinnamon juice!

First off, you’re going to need some fresh, juicy apples. Any variety will do, but tart apples like Granny Smiths are particularly good for this recipe.

Next, you’ll need some cinnamon sticks. Not only do they add a wonderful, warming spice to the juice, but they also have a host of health benefits.

You’ll also need some water, to help extract the juice from the apples.

Lastly, if you like your juice a bit sweet, you might want to add a sweetener of your choice. Agave syrup, maple syrup, or stevia are all great options.

There you have it, simple ingredients for a deliciously healthy drink!

Preparing the Apples

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Starting with a selection of crisp, sun-ripened fruits, you’ll need to give them a good wash to remove any lingering dirt or pesticides. Ensure your apples are spotless as we don’t want any unsavory bits in our fresh apple cinnamon juice.

Next, you’re going to core and chop your apples. No need to peel them because the skin contains beneficial nutrients. Plus, it’ll add a lovely hint of color to your juice.

Once you’ve chopped the apples, it’s time to toss them into your juicer or blender. If you’re using a blender, you may need to add a little water to help it along. Don’t worry about the pulp, we’ll strain it out later. Remember, we’re keeping this juice all-natural, fresh, and absolutely delicious.

Adding the Perfect Amount of Cinnamon

Now, let’s sprinkle in some magic with the perfect amount of cinnamon. This warming spice is a key player in your fresh apple cinnamon juice. Cinnamon not only adds a delightful sweetness but also promotes health benefits like reducing blood sugar levels and inflammation. So, you’re not just satisfying your taste buds, but you’re also doing your body a favor!

Start with half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Give your juice a good stir and taste. It should have a subtle warmth from the cinnamon, without overpowering the crisp apple flavor. If you want a stronger cinnamon punch, feel free to add more, but go easy. It’s all about finding the perfect balance for your taste buds.

iced apple tea drink with fresh apples

Remember, you can always add, but you can’t take away. Enjoy your flavor-packed, healthy treat!

The Juicing Process

Let’s dive into the juicing process, shall we? First, get your hands on some juicy, fresh apples. You’ll want to wash them thoroughly to remove any dirt or pesticides. Once they’re clean, cut them into quarters. Don’t bother peeling them; the skin has plenty of nutrients.

Now, it’s time to juice. If you’re using a juicer, simply feed the apple quarters into the machine. For those without a juicer, don’t fret! You can blend the apples and then strain the mixture through a fine mesh sieve or cheesecloth.

Finally, stir in your cinnamon. Remember, you don’t need much, a pinch will do! Then, give your juice a good shake or stir to blend the flavors.

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Now, you’ve got yourself a glass of fresh apple cinnamon juice. Enjoy!

Serving and Storing Suggestions

Once you’ve conquered the art of making this delightful concoction, it’s time to consider how to serve and store it properly to maximize its flavor and longevity.

Your fresh apple cinnamon juice is best served chilled. Pour it over ice in a tall glass for a refreshing hit on a hot day, or warm it up on a chilly morning for a comforting start to your day.

If you’re planning to store it, pour it into an airtight container or mason jar, leaving a little space at the top, and stash it in the fridge. It’ll stay fresh for up to 72 hours, but remember to give it a good shake before serving, as the juice may separate.

Embrace the freshness and savor every sip of your homemade, vegan, gluten-free juice.

front view fresh apple juice inside can with fresh apples dark bar fruit drink photo cocktail color


Ready to delight your taste buds with a refreshing, healthy drink? Let's dive into the world of homemade juices with a twist.


  • 3 green apples cut into quarters
  • 1 large cucumber or two smaller cucumbers
  • 1 thumb-size chunk of ginger root no need to peel
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder


  • Place the apple, cucumber and ginger through your juicer.
  • Take the juicer container away from the juicer and add the cinnamon to the container.
  • Either stir the juice with a whisk to incorporate the cinnamon or pour the juice into your blender and give it a quick blend.


tasty bubble tea drink apple arrangement

So, you’ve mastered making fresh apple cinnamon juice, haven’t you? You’ve got the perfect blend of apples and cinnamon, and your juicing technique is on point. Now, it’s all about serving it up right and storing any leftovers properly.

Remember, this juice is vegan and gluten-free, so it’s great for everyone. Enjoy the refreshing taste and health benefits of your homemade juice. You did a fantastic job!

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