Meet Sue Perera, the culinary aficionado behind our captivating recipe hub. An imaginative and talented young woman, Sue has an unwavering passion for all things food – especially those aromatic wonders, cinnamon and thyme. Her deep-seated love for these two unique spices inspired the birth of this website, but don’t be fooled – her culinary repertoire extends far beyond these two ingredients.

Sue’s journey with food started at a tender age in her family’s kitchen, where she learned the art of creating magic with simple ingredients. She spent countless hours perfecting her craft, eventually transforming her passion into a professional pursuit. A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, Sue possesses an extensive understanding of diverse culinary traditions and the subtle art of blending flavors and textures.

In her spare time, Sue can be found exploring local farmer’s markets and specialty spice shops, always on the hunt for her next unique ingredient. She loves the thrill of experimenting with new recipes, the joy of hitting upon a culinary masterpiece, and most importantly, sharing these delicious discoveries with you.

On this website, Sue aims to inspire and educate, offering a plethora of tantalizing recipes that incorporate her favorite spices and beyond. Each recipe is crafted with care and love, backed by Sue’s extensive culinary knowledge, and inspired by her adventures in gastronomy.

Join Sue in her culinary journey, as she unravels the world of flavors, one recipe at a time. Delight in her creative concoctions, learn from her comprehensive guides, and immerse yourself in the joy of cooking with a dash of cinnamon, a sprig of thyme, and a whole lot of passion.