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Crispiest Layered Thyme Potatoes

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You’re about to uncover the secret to making the crispiest layered thyme potatoes.

This isn’t your typical potato dish; it’s a game changer. With the right potatoes and a sprinkle of thyme, you’ll be serving up a side dish that’ll have everyone begging for seconds.

We’ll guide you every step of the way, sharing tips and tricks to maximize flavor.

Ready to impress? Let’s get cooking!

Selecting the Perfect Potatoes for the Recipe

You’ll find that choosing the right potatoes for your crispy layered thyme potatoes can greatly enhance the dish’s overall flavor and texture. Don’t just grab any old spud off the shelf. No, you’ll want to select starchy potatoes for this recipe. Think Russets or Idaho potatoes. These varieties are high in starch and low in moisture, making them perfect for achieving that desired crispy exterior.

view raw potatoes wooden board

Avoid waxy potatoes like red or new potatoes. They’re low in starch and high in moisture. That means they don’t crisp up as well and can end up soggy in your dish.

The Importance of Thyme in the Dish

In this dish, that little dash of herb you’re adding is more than just a garnish – it’s the star ingredient that brings out all the flavors.

Thyme has a subtle, dry aroma and a slight lemony flavor that cuts through the richness of the potatoes, making each bite a delightful surprise. Its earthy tones accentuate the natural sweetness of the spuds, and it’s this delicate balance that elevates the whole dish.

Don’t be shy about using this potent herb. Remember, it’s not just there for show. It plays a vital role in creating that depth of flavor that keeps you reaching for more.

Step-By-Step Guide to Making Crispy Layered Thyme Potatoes

Let’s dive right into the process of crafting this delightful dish, step by step.

Firstly, you’ll need a few key ingredients: potatoes, thyme, salt, garlic, and olive oil.

high angle french fries with ketchup herbs

Begin by slicing your potatoes as thinly as you can. You’re going to layer these, so thinner is better.

Next, mix your olive oil, crushed garlic, and thyme in a bowl. Now, you’ve got your flavored oil.

Brush a baking dish with some of the oil and start layering your potato slices. Brush each layer with the flavored oil and sprinkle some salt. Repeat until you’ve used all your potatoes.

Bake in a preheated oven until golden and crispy.

There you have it! You’ve just whipped up a batch of crispy layered thyme potatoes.


Serving Suggestions for Crispy Layered Thyme Potatoes

Pairing this dish with a juicy steak or grilled chicken breast can really elevate your meal to the next level. The crispiness of the potatoes, combined with the aromatic thyme creates a harmonious blend of texture and flavor that complements the tender, savory meat.

Don’t limit yourself to just meat, though. You can pair these potatoes with grilled vegetables for a delightful vegetarian meal. Throw in some roasted bell peppers and zucchini, and you’ve got yourself a feast.

Tips and Tricks to Enhance the Flavor of Your Potatoes

You’ll find that a few simple tweaks can really amp up the taste of your spuds.

  • Start by choosing the right type of potato. Russets brown beautifully and have a deliciously earthy flavor.
  • When you’re slicing your potatoes, keep them thin, about an eighth of an inch. This will help them cook evenly and get that desirable crispy edge.
  • Don’t skimp on the thyme either. Fresh is best, but dried will do in a pinch.
  • And here’s a pro tip: soak your sliced potatoes in cold water to remove excess starch. This little trick helps them become extra crispy.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the salt. Season generously throughout the layers.

You’ll be amazed at how these tiny tweaks can take your crispy layered thyme potatoes to new flavor heights.

fried potato with herbs yogurt white plate with bread crackers around




You're about to uncover the secret to making the crispiest layered thyme potatoes. This isn't your typical potato dish; it's a game changer. With the right potatoes and a sprinkle of thyme, you'll be serving up a side dish that'll have everyone begging for seconds. We'll guide you every step of the way, sharing tips and tricks to maximize flavor. Ready to impress? Let's get cooking!
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Servings 6


  • 2 kg white potatoes
  • 140 g butter melted
  • small pack thyme leaves only
  • sea salt or rock salt if you have it



  • Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Slice the peeled potatoes as finely as possible on a mandolin, with the fine slicing blade of a food processor, or with a very sharp knife. (The more finely you slice them, the quicker and more evenly they will cook.)


  • Pat the potatoes dry with a clean tea towel and tip into a large bowl. Pour over the melted butter, sprinkle over the thyme and some salt (preferably sea salt or rock salt), and toss until each slice is coated in butter.


  • In a roasting tin, measuring about 20 x 20cm, assemble the potato slices vertically, tightly packed together like a deck of cards, until the dish is full and you’ve used all the potatoes. Sprinkle with a little more salt and place in the oven for 45-50 mins until crisp and cooked. Use a skewer or small sharp knife to check that the potatoes are completely soft and cooked in the centre. Serve from the tin alongside the lamb.



Can I Substitute Thyme With Another Herb in This Recipe?

Absolutely, you can substitute thyme with another herb in your recipe. Rosemary or sage would work well. Just make sure you’re comfortable with the flavor they’ll bring to your dish. Happy cooking!

What Other Dishes Pair Well With Crispy Layered Thyme Potatoes?

You’re wondering about good pairings for a certain dish. Well, roasted or grilled meats work great. Also, consider light salads or even fish. It’ll depend on your taste and what you’re in the mood for.

How Can I Store Leftover Crispy Layered Thyme Potatoes and How Long Will They Last in the Fridge?

You can store your leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge. They’ll stay fresh for about 3-5 days. Just make sure it’s cooled down before you put it away to prevent bacterial growth.

Are There Any Vegan or Gluten-Free Variations of This Recipe?

Sure, you can easily modify the recipe for dietary needs. For a vegan version, swap out regular butter with vegan butter. If you’re gluten-free, just ensure your seasonings don’t contain hidden gluten.

flat lay french fries bowl with herbs


Can This Recipe Be Adapted for a Slow Cooker or an Air Fryer?

Absolutely, you can adapt this recipe for a slow cooker or an air fryer. Just adjust your cooking time and temperature accordingly. It’s a versatile dish that can be tailored to your preferred cooking method.


So, that’s your quick guide to creating crispy layered thyme potatoes. Remember, choosing the right potatoes and quality thyme is key.

With our step-by-step guide, you’ll whip up this tasty dish in no time. Try our serving suggestions or add your own flair.

spilled fried potato wedges from copper utensil

Use our tips and tricks to max out flavors. Trust us, once you’ve tasted these crispy thyme potatoes, they’ll become a staple in your kitchen.

Happy cooking!

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